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The Lotus Evora Experience

An exceptionaly composed and flexible car

The Lotus Evora has the making of a truly adaptable and flexible car. The narrow doorsill and higher seating position make it easy for one to get out of, which is relatively positive compared to previous Lotus babies.

Giving you both the experience of luxury AND the impression of a road car with its practicality and room, the Lotus Evora could simply be one of your weekend favorites: a supercharged 3.5-liter V-6 cranks out 400 horsepower, built upon a modular lightweight bonded aluminium structure with composite body panels.

The Evora, always exceptionally composed and predictable, runs with a staggering fluency to both its primary and secondary ride whether you are driving along a smooth or bad road. Steering is almost effortless especially as it cuts through sharp turns and twisting roads. Unlike other Lotus models, the Evora gives out very minimal rattles, a superb sound insulation to let you enjoy the ride without the hassle of too much tire rumble or road and wind noise, and a suspension that absorbs knox you would barely notice the difference even if you’re driving on an off-the-road patch.

Its weight is comparably lighter than those of most luxury sports cars in the market. It weighs a mere 3,000 pounds, which allows the car to go from standstill to 60mph in about 5 seconds. It has an exterior so stylish it demands a head-turning presence, but not necessarily losing the sporty look of a Lotus. The interior is smartly designed with cozy leather upholstered front seats and cloth upholstered rear seats for your (and your companion’s) comfort, plus a CD/MP3 player with iPod integration and aux audio jack for your entertainment.

This car has a uncommon combination of long wheelbase, low and centralized masses, compact dimensions, ideally chosen and specially engineered tires — differently sized front to rear — and spring/damper rates crafted by the best in the car industry. You can guarantee a blissful experience with the Lotus Evora, with praticality that will leave you definitely wanting more of it in the future. Rent one now and see for yourself.

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