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FYI: There are a lot of exotic car rentals dealers that are now saying ‘no deposit’,  however when you get there and actually do the transaction , they will find an excuse to charge you a deposit.   We tell you right up front there is a deposit of 1000 dollars and that will not go up when you arrive here nor will any other fees be added in at the time of rental.  We have kept our customers for 14 years now because we don’t play these kind of games with you.  If another rental service tries to do this to you , walk away.   We promise we won’t say ‘we told you so.’

Las Vegas Exotic Rentals is pleased to announce our All Inclusive Package

We now also accept a cash deposit!


Official Rules Our All Inclusive Package

  • No hidden fees
  • Out the door pricing
  • No credit card needed (you will need to put a $1000 cash deposit down.)
  • Unlimited mileage
  • All insurance and taxes are included 

If you are unable to secure insurance or are from outside the country, here are the cars for you..



Ferrari California

With it's twin turbochargers and 7 speed transmission, driving this car is a supreme gift…

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Bentley GTC convertible

If you ever wondered what it's like to drive the world's finest luxury automobile, this…

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* All drivers under the all-inclusive deal must be at least 21 years of age.   There is a $1000 cash deposit or credit card deposit required on all cars.  All insurance and taxes are included.

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