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Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead

Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead

Rolls Royce rental Las Vegas Exotic Rentals

‘Unmatched’, ‘Unrivaled’, ‘One of One’, it ‘Moves Those Who Move the World’.    This is all been said in their advertisement.   The RollsRoyce Phantom Drophead Coupe is a unique way to travel, perhaps more like a beautifully built water craft than a car.   Can you carry this off? Winning the Lottery isn’t enough – you need a freakish level of assured unflappability to pilot what is basically a yacht, complete with decking.

Carrying on a tradition started in 1925, the Phantom is RollsRoyce‘s most opulent sedan. It’s also offered in coupe and convertible body styles—though not for much longer. History. The RollsRoyce Phantom goes way back—we’re talking way back, as far as 1925 and evolved into one of the great driving experiences Ever!  Experience it for yourself at a ridiculously low price for an unforgettable drive in this dream luxury car at Vegas Exotic Rentals.


Base List Price $452,000
Cool Factor  infinity
Horsepower 435 hp
Engine 6.7L
Transmission 6 spd automatic
0-60 5.5 seconds

4 Hours $625
6 Hours $850
24 Hours $1295

Security Deposit $1,000
* All Prices Add 10% Sales Tax + Fees


Or Call: 702-686-6606 or 866-871-1893

** – All rentals have a 15 minute grace period. After that, you will be charged an additional $125 per 1/2 hour until vehicle is returned.
** – NO refunds are given once vehicle is booked.  A $1000 security deposit required on this rental and you MUST have proof of valid collision and liability insurance during the rental period. This will be verified!!

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